Classes and Training Schedule

Class Title Start Date End Date Location
Business Start-up Course 1-31-2017 2-3-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 2-14-2017 2-15-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 2-28-2017 3-3-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 3-14-2017 3-15-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 3-28-2017 3-31-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 4-11-2017 4-12-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 4-25-2017 4-28-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 5-9-2017 5-10-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 5-20-2017 5-23-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 6-6-2017 6-7-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 6-20-2017 6-23-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 7-4-2017 7-5-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 7-18-2017 7-21-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 8-1-2017 8-2-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 8-15-2017 8-18-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 8-29-2017 8-30-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 9-12-2017 9-15-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 9-26-2017 9-27-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 10-10-2017 10-13-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 10-24-2017 10-25-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 11-7-2017 11-10-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 11-21-2017 11-22-2017 SBDC
Business Start-up Course 12-5-2017 12-8-2017 SBDC
Grant Writing Seminar 12-19-2017 12-20-2017 SBDC
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The primary goals of American Samoa Small Business Development Center network is to create a broad-based system of assistance for the small business community by linking the resources of federal, state, and local governments with the resources of the educational community and the private sector.

For more course information and to register for training contact:

Catherine Balauro at 699-4830 or 699-4834
June Tagomailelagi at 699-4830 or 699-4834
Elaine Baul at 699-4830 or 699-4834

We can add training to our schedule designed especially for your staff or group. Call 699-4830 or 4834 and ask for Herbert Thweatt, State Director of the American Samoa Small Business Development Center to make special seminar arrangements.